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Easy Lunch: Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

People Magazine has this “Great Ideas” section that I’ve taken recipes from every now and then. A few weeks ago, they had a recipe for a Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad. I thought it was a such an easy idea! I feel like I get brussels sprouts every week from Trader Joe’s, so why not?


I basically just sauteed the brussels sprouts for a few minutes until they started to brown, then tossed them in Caesar dressing, and topped with parmesan cheese. Super easy! The recipe in the magazine called for a homemade Caesar dressing, but I just bought some from the store because I like simple things (and I don’t plan on cooking with anchovies!). I’ll definitely add this to my queue of simple and healthy meals to make in the future.



For the Record: Dear John Hughes

I first heard about the “For the Record” shows during a meeting at work. One of my colleagues was telling us there was a special dinner theater in LA that does songs from films. This is one of the things I love about LA, all the random entertainment at your fingertips. I KNEW I had to see this!

The first “For the Record” show I saw was Baz Luhrmann…I was blown away! Having drinks and seeing songs performed from his films by live performers. I knew I wanted to see more of these. Enter “Dear John Hughes”. I love the 80’s and John Hughes movies, so why not? My co-workers and I all bought tickets to see the show on Friday night and had the best time!


It was great to see some of my favorite scenes acted out from movies such as “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Pretty & Pink,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and “Some Kind of Wonderful.” The cast was all top-notch and the singing was fantastic. My favorite part was the performance of “Twist & Shout” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We were all standing up and dancing!


What’s awesome about the venue is that no seat is a bad seat, the performers move around the space, so you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. (excuse the crappy cell phone pics!)

IMG_4380 IMG_4376 IMG_4373

I’d definitely recommend for anyone who’s in LA to check this out! I loved the Baz Luhrmann show too, I wouldn’t hesitate to see it again. My only complain is that the venue doesn’t have food, so you need to eat beforehand. Goldstar always has discounted tickets, so be sure to check that out. Though the show has gotten more popular lately, so get tickets fast!

I can’t wait to see what other shows they come up with in the future!




Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_4352Some pretty flowers and a new mug from friends for my new beginning!

 1. Another great campaign by Dove

2. Some useful Dollar Tree finds!

3. Great reminder to watch what you put on social media

4. Always useful: 10 Travel Websites You Need to Know

5. I really want to get a pizza stone so I can make this pizza

Watching: The Oscars – Such a great year! I was so surprised by some of the winners. I’ve seen most of the important films, but made note to watch Mr. Turner and Ida this week.

Reading: All the Light We Cannot See – Excited to be finally reading this for my book club this month. I need to finish by Saturday. Ahh!

Listening: Serial – I know I’m late to the game, but I previously listened to 4 episodes and went on a hiatus. With my new commute, I decided to finish the series and have been really into it. It’s really making me look forward to my commute in the morning. I have 2 more episodes to go, but I’m pretty sure I know where I stand on the case :)

Raisin Bran Crunch Cookies

Sometimes the best recipes come from the side of a random box. One my favorite recipes were hot chocolate cookies from the side of a marshmallow bits package. I was looking at a recipe on the box of my favorite cereal the other day and realized I had all the ingredients. So why not?


These were by far the most unique cookies I’ve made. Basically they were peanut butter cookies, but with white chocolate chips and rain bran crunch-like cereal mixed in. I was concerned they would be too crunchy or that the flavors wouldn’t work. Luckily, they turned out really good. I love a soft cookie and these are definitely soft with just the right amount of crunchy ingredients.

IMG_4312 IMG_4309 IMG_4308

I’m all about simplicity when it comes to baking and these were so easy to make. Like I said, I already had all the ingredients! I definitely recommend this recipe and will continue to try to find more recipes from boxes in the future. I guess that’s the old fashioned way, eh?


Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_4266Pretty views of Hollywood Blvd. while working this weekend

1. Taking note of all these: 33 Doughnuts You Have to Try Before You Die

2. Interesting PR read: The Selling of the Avocado

3. Great advice: 27 Lessons I Learned Before Turning 27

4. I’m always looking for some new slow cooker recipes

5. I think this was the greatest thing everyone saw all week: Saved by the Bell Reunion

Watching: Philadelphia – I’ve been on this awards movie kick for some time, always trying to catch up on Oscar-winning performances I haven’t seen. Tom Hanks is amazing and the film is so compelling. Definitely a must-see. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

Reading: A Child Called It – I was looking for a short read before I start my book club read for the month. This one has been sitting in my book shelf for years. I definitely need to read something happy after this one!

Listening: “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias – This was the day song for my South America trip. Dreaming about future travels!

Reviewing the Acer Chromebook C720

When I was in the market for a new computer recently (my other model was a 2006 Dell!), I knew I didn’t want to pay a huge sum of money. I have an iPad that I mainly use for entertainment purposes, but I was still wanting something with a keyboard so I could start a blog (oh heyy). I really just needed the internet and a keyboard. I could use Microsoft word on my work computer if needed. I heard about the Chromebooks online and asked a few friends about it. The $200 price point and compact frame was nice, so I decided to take the plunge and am so glad I did!

The model I went with was an Acer Chromebook c720. Chromebooks all have a Chrome operating system. Basically, you take it out of the box, enter in your gmail username and password, and you’re ready to go! Everything operates super fast and the battery lasts for hours. It’s super compact and lightweight, I love how easy it is to carry around. I even got a cute little sleeve from Etsy to protect it.

IMG_3358The cute sleeve I got from Bertie’s Closet on Etsy

I have a Google+ app on my phone where I sync all my photos to. Whenever I need a photo for a blog post or what-not, I can access it quickly on my computer. The computer also comes with a HDMI input and USB. I’ve plugged it into my TV a few times to watch movies that were only available on my Google Drive and the quality is great.

The only thing I find odd about the Chrome system is all the apps they have. I really don’t see the point of them. I downloaded their Pinterest app and basically it takes you to the Pinterest homepage, no special interface or anything. I could easily just type in

Overall I highly recommend the Chromebook. I think it would be great for bloggers or recent grads alike. Seriously, do we really need those $1,000 computers? I think the Chromebooks are going to start putting those more expensive brands out of business.

Current Obsession: Poshmark

We all have those clothes we buy and never wear, or only wear once or twice. I previously would try selling to Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads, but, when the economy tanked, everyone else had the same idea, so they would barely take any items. Last year, I started taking everything to Goodwill to donate. Sometimes, when I had something that was really good quality, I would sale on eBay. Though, I found eBay to be such a hassle with all the steps needed to sale and then shipping the items on your own. One day, my sister told me about Poshmark, and my life was changed :)


The way I describe it to others is “eBay for girls.” Basically, you list all your clothes on the app and others can buy them. You name your price and people can make you offers. To sell an item, you simply click “sell,” take a few pics with your phone and you’re done! When an item is sold, Poshmark sends you a pre-paid shipping label (all shipping is $4.99 priority USPS paid by the buyer). It’s so easy, you just add the label and drop the item in the mail!


The thing that I like about Poshmark, and what might deter some people, is that it also acts as a social network. By participating socially, your items are more likely to be seen and sold. You can follow people and get others to follow you back. There are parties daily that you can share your items to. Say you have some Michael Kors shoes for sale and there’s a Michael Kors party, sharing your shoes to the party will help get the right eyeballs on your item. Whenever I have some free time daily, I’ll quickly browse through Poshmark and follow a bunch of people or share my items to parties. Also, I try to share other people’s items so they’ll share mine (Poshmark courtesy).


The only negative thing is that the more I browse, the more I find items I want! When you sell, you can either use your money to buy more items on Poshmark or deposit into your bank account. I’ve been able to purchase some great items from some of my favorite brands like Banana Republic, Loft, and Old Navy. Additionally negative, Poshers can be cheap, so you definitely need to be strategic about pricing. I will usually start an item on the higher end and slowly bring it down to encourage a sale. Sometimes others will low ball you, but make sure to stand your ground!


Overall, I’ve had nothing but great experiences on Poshmark. I always try to put a little note in my boxes thanking the posher for buying. It’s nice to know that an item you only wore once or twice will be loved by someone else :)

Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_4236Beautiful view from Franklin Canyon this weekend

1. Interesting Read: How to Buy Happiness

2. This week I tried working out from home and pinned some new Tabata exercises

3. I’m sad to see that Skymall filed for bankruptcy :(

4. Some new travel apps to download before your next vacation

5. Been craving some buffalo cauliflower ever since I saw it at a vegan restaurant

Watching: Two Days, One Night – I saw surprised how much I related to this film. With today’s economy and jobs being slashed left and right, it’s interesting to see how selfish we’ve become at protecting our own jobs instead of saving others.

Reading: Time Magazine – I can’t wait to read their cover feature about the sharing economy!

Listening: “Into Open Air” from Brave – For some reason attending the Disney show from last week got me in a Brave mood