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Try Something New: Watch More TV

Last year, one of my goals was to read more books (I read 24!). This year, I’m sick of being out of the loop on all these TV shows, so I’ve made it my mission to watch more TV. Here’s how I’m faring so far:

TV Shows

1. Game of Thrones – I watched season 1, I really tried, but I honestly didn’t understand half of what is going on. Medieval type shows or movies aren’t for me. I kept having to look at the family tree because I forgot who was who. Luckily, this show is so ingrained in pop culture that I know all the upcoming spoilers. No need to continue :)

2. House of Cards – I actually did get into this one. I was surprised that I fared well with all the political speak. Though, I think it got a little dull after Zoe and Peter left. Where is the romance?! I decided to stop watching after season 2.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Overall I liked this show. It was a quick watch that I finished in about a week. There were some laugh out loud moments, like when Titus sang at a funeral. But, there were some weird moments, like when Kimmy got her first kiss and the whole court trial. I think I would give this one another season! It’s nice to watch something a little uplifting sometimes.

4. Downton Abbey – I was dreading this one, I hate period dramas. Luckily, the first season was only 7 episodes. I found myself intrigued by the Mary/Matthew love story, but overall I thought it moved a bit slow for me. Especially since it’s in a different time period, so not much happens relationship-wise between anyone. Also, some of the conflicts were a bit boring to me, like the kitchen servants fighting over stuff.

Kimmy SchmidtOverall, I think I’m faring pretty well getting through my list. TV shows are just so long, so I find it hard to be caught up on everything. Plus, I get bored by sitting in front on the TV for too long, so I can’t binge watch. Here’s some other shows on my radar:

Now I just need to figure out where I can stream all these!


One Pan Crispy Chicken Legs & Brussels Sprouts


So I’m always looking for easy yet healthy recipes that I can make at home. I randomly found this one on Pinterest and thought I would give it a whirl. The best thing about it being one pan was that clean up was a breeze, also the brussels sprouts were sooo good, I need to make them with lemon juice more often.


So, you start out by crisping the chicken, which is easy enough, then you add the brussels sprouts, lemon juice, and chicken broth to the pan. Then you pop it in the oven. Easy! I forgot to get the chicken broth, so I added water, which I think was fine? Ha. Oh and I used garlic salt instead of whatever the recipe says. By the way, I used drumsticks instead of chicken legs. I went to three stores and no places sell the whole legs. Oh well.


This recipe was super easy and good. I’d definitely recommend it for a good, healthy meal. For me, the brussels sprouts topped the chicken. I think I might just make the brussels sprouts by itself sometime!

Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_5478Being nostalgic by seeing The Ataris this week

1. Any easy Greek salad to try in the coming weeks!

2. Apparently there’s a soft serve ice cream movement in LA

3. Some inspirational quotes from CEOs

4. Easy 4 ingredient peanut butter cookies to try

5. Some great Snapchat secrets

Watching: The Aviator – I’m only about half way through (looong movie) but I’m in awe of the varied cinematography and Cate Blanchett’s performance. Why did I take so long to see it? Side note: does anyone else think Leonardo Dicaprio always plays the same type of character?

Reading: Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming. Been listening to this one in the car. I honestly don’t understand a lot of what’s going on, but it seems like Alan’s upbringing was hard.

Listening: “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K. – I’ve been running to prepare for my upcoming triathlon. This provides the best beat to get going!

Try something new: Postcrossing

When I first graduated college, I quickly realized how much free time I had, so I was on the hunt for hobbies. I saw on someone’s blog that she did Postcrossing, so I decided to give it a go.

IMG_5466Some of the cards I’ve received

Postcrossing is a postcard exchange website where you can send and receive postcards from all over the world! It’s really easy, you click “send a postcard” and it gives you an address. Each postcard you send has a unique code you write on the card. Whomever receives it will register the card when it is received, the same goes for you when you receive it. That’s it!

I found that using Postcrossing was a fun way to add some variety to the work week. It’s nice to have an uplifting postcard in the mail from a far away place, rather than just bills. Also, it’s interesting to hear from locals living all over the world, even from countries I’ve never heard of. I got a few cards from a country called Belarus that I’d never come across. These postcards have now come prized possessions and every now and then I look back at them, seeing which places I’ve crossed off my list.

IMG_5467Some of my favorites, hope to see Russia someday!

There’s only a few cons to using Postcrossing. Since a lot of the postcards go so far, I have to use 2 stamps, which can get expensive. Sometimes the postcards never make it! Also, everyone has a profile where they describe themselves, some people are very picky about their postcards. Sometimes I’ve gotten some requests for private swaps from people wanting specific cards or stamps. Lastly, when the user receives the card and registers it, sometimes they don’t say “thank you” or anything, which can be disappointing.

Overall, I think Postcrossing is such a fun experience and I highly recommend it. There’s nothing better than receiving a postcard in the mail with a friendly message to keep sane during the work week.

Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_5438A rare shot of me and my 5 nieces

1. Love a good $5 breakfast combo: Super cheap eats you’ve never heard of in LA

2. Though I’m not a parent, thought these Summer Parenting Hacks were awesome!

3. Since I’m not going on a big summer trip: 9 Summer Reads to Satiate Your Wanderlust

4. Some great apps for business travel

5. Thought Provoking: I Spent 2 Years Cleaning Houses and Never Want to be Rich

Watching: Downton Abbey – Giving this one a try, no thoughts yet!

Reading: Silver Screen Fiend – I just finished listening to this one on Audible. I couldn’t really relate to it. I thought it would be more about Patton’s life or what not, but more about him seeing old movies in LA.

Listening: “Photo”graph” by Ed Sheerhan – The songs just keep getting better and better with Ed. I can’t turn on the radio without hearing this one.


It’s been pretty crazy recently with both work and family commitments. I finally get to come up for air and hopefully some relaxation this coming weekend! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

IMG_5382A quick New York trip to add variety to the work week

IMG_5434A family trip to June lake with a beautiful hike

IMG_54074th of July 5K run with my cousins

IMG_5405Visiting with my nieces

IMG_5392A beautiful sunset and the completion of my first campaign

Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_5410Some cassette gems found recently 

1. Some great, free things to do in LA for Summer

2. Some easy ways to make money in your spare time

3. Thought provoking – Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

4. I always love DineLA week — Here’s some of the best deals!

5. A Letter to my Younger Self by Pete Sampras

Watching: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Such an uplifting show! It’s genuinely nice to end the day with something that will make you laugh.

Reading: Finally finished Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I loved how everything came together at the end. It was a sweet love story set among world war II.

Listening: “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” by One Direction — I don’t know how this got caught it my head, but it’s catchy :)