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Completing My First Triathlon


This past weekend I completed my first triathlon as part of the Paramount Pictures team! It was a lot of hard work but such a great experience.

The Nautica Malibu Triathlon is 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike, and 4 mile run. My training consisted of weekly swimming, strength training, spinning, and running. Eventually, I would go out to Malibu on Saturdays to try out the course and practice swimming in the ocean. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such good shape in my life!

I was really anxious the day before the race, I had trouble sleeping. The 3am wake-up time didn’t help either! In the end, it didn’t matter how much training or preparation I had, I just had to go through with it. Now, knowing what I’m getting into, I’m determined to try the race again to improve my time.

The best part about this experience was being part of a team and all the great people I met through work. Even though I’m not the fastest triathlete ever, everyone was super supportive and made going to each work-out worth it! I went into this wanting to get over my fear of swimming in the ocean and my teammates stood by me reassuringly during my first ocean swim.

I keep telling everyone to join a triathlon team and give it a go. You never know how far your body can go or what you can accomplish until you do it!

Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_5852A sign that my favorite season is here!

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4. Amy Poehler Chilling at the Emmys means everything

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Watching: Working Girl – Loving all the big 80’s hair and hunky Harrison Ford

Reading: High On Arrival by Mackenzie Phillips – a heartbreaking yet powerful read (via audible)

Listening: “Shame on the Moon” by Bob Seger – loving this sweet tune

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every now and then you come across a cookie that has that “wow” factor, this recipe was definitely it! I bow down you to you Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies!

IMG_5568I mean, just look at the cookies, they are huge! Each one themselves is 2+ cookies in one. One of my co-workers who tried them mentioned that they were bakery quality (always a good sign)!

Overall, it’s a pretty straightforward recipe, you simply mix the ingredients and chill the dough. Then, roll two balls of dough, smash a caramel into one, then form into one ball. I wish I had done a size comparison, the balls of dough were huge!

IMG_5565Though these only yield about 10 cookies, you definitely won’t need any more than that! I got a sugar rush every time I ate them. My only complaint is that the salt didn’t want to stick to the cookies (as you can see in my pictures). I will definitely be making these again!

Visiting Alaska!

Over Labor Day weekend, my friend Christa and I visited Alaska! I had always wanted to visit the state since doing a report on it in 5th grade. It definitely didn’t disappoint, I’ve been telling everyone that they have to visit someday! Here’s some of the highlights from our trip:

IMG_5614Making it to the top of Flattop mountain in Anchorage!

IMG_5592Checking out Moose’s Tooth, one of the best pizza places in the country

NelliOur cute Air Bnb in Anchorage which was a bus converted into a home (her name is Nellie!)

IMG_5627Beautiful harbor in Seward

IMG_5636Visiting Exit Glacier, apparently Obama was there recently!

IMG_5662Lots of Salmon, some dead :(

IMG_5667With bad cell reception, it was nice to get away for a weekend

IMG_5701Holgate glacier during the Kenai Fjords tour (it was cold!)

IMG_5730Pretty sunset along our drive

IMG_5746Pretty fall colors during the hike in Denali

IMG_5783I just can’t get over these colors!

IMG_5796My favorite shot from Denali :)

To give a little overview, we rented a car and went from Anchorage to Seward to Denali. It was a lot of driving, but definitely worth it! Everyone in Alaska is so nice and they have such a pride for their state. It was great to get out of the mainland and experience a different part of the country!

Weekly Pins & Tweets

Quick family trip to Disneyland this week (it was hot!)

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2. Can’t wait to try these pumpkin cinnamon rolls this fall!

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Watching: I was excited to see Black or White was on Netflix. Definitely a thought provoking watch!

Reading: Learning the benefits of meditation and reducing stress from 10% Happier via audible

Listening: “Leave a Trace” by Chvrches – lovin the 80’s synth vibe of this song

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was looking for a sweet late night snack one night and decided to try this simple Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.


These are my favorite type of cookies, you mix the ingredients, put them on the baking sheet and bake. Super easy!

IMG_5554I found these cookies to be soft with the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate. I can see why the author said they are her son’s favorite.


 Myself and friends ate these up very quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to make these again!

Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs

Continuing along with my trend of trying out new pasta dishes, I decided to give this one a try. While it’s simplicity was alluring, there was wayy too much herbs!

Now that I’m re-reading the recipe, I think it’s because I didn’t use the fresh herbs (used my dried ones from the spice rack). I mean, if you look at my photo and the photo from the recipe website, they are vastly different. I spent so much time afterwards picking out all the herbs from my teeth!

I think I might give this one another go sometime when I have fresher herbs!