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One Pot Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes

I love an easy, healthy past dish. I randomly saw this recipe in my inbox from My Fitness Pal and thought I would give it a shot!

IMG_6076It’s really simple, you saute the onions in the pot, then add the other ingredients, then the pasta. Once it’s finished, add the spinach. Though, I accidentally boiled it too long and almost ruined my pan (the spaghetti stuck)! Overall, I recommend this one. I even have enough ingredients left to make it again!

Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_6082Always good to catch up with old friends

  1. Fascinating: What $1,000 can get you for rent around the U.S.

2. These Hot Chocolate Cookies look amazing

3. Love this guy’s honest guide to losing weight

4. I wholeheartedly agree with this: People who go to bed early are still cool

5. Some healthy casseroles to try out!

Watching: Started season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder, not totally engaged yet, but hoping to be obsessed soon

Reading: Recently started listening to 13 Hours and having a hard time pulling myself away

Listening: Heard Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” at SoulCycle this weekend and fell in love

Outdoor Movie with the Rooftop Film Club

With the nice weather in Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that outdoor movies are so popular. Though, I’m finding that laying on blanket looking at a far away screen is becoming less and less appealing to me, not to mention the overly crowded venues. I was pleasantly surprised when a friend invited me to the Rooftop Film Club recently. It definitely brings a more luxe and comfortable experience to the typical outdoor movie.

IMG_5952Upon entering the venue, there are vendors offering drinks and gourmet burgers for sale before the movie starts. Once the ticket office opens, you can pick up your headphones and blankets. Popcorn and candy is also available for sale.


As you can see by the above photos, there are chairs for everyone! Plus with the headphones and blankets, it made for a very comfortable experience; no need to worry about getting cold or not being able to hear the movie. The movie I saw was one of my favorites, When Harry Met Sally.

IMG_5956I highly recommend the Rooftop Film Club, I hope that more venues follow suit with these comfortable outdoor movies. Plus, being on a rooftop in Hollywood was pretty cool :)


Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_6062A fun trip to Universal Studios with friends

1. Always love reading these: 50 Ways Happier, Healthier People Live

2. A new donut recipe to try!

3. Some great tip for the frequent traveler: How to Spin Your Wanderlust Traits Into Employable Traits

4. Some great fall outfit inspiration here and here (items I already own!)

5. Can’t wait to watch Home Alone this season: An Interview with Buzz 25 Years Later

Watching: Really enjoyed watching Spotlight this weekend – a must see for awards season!

Reading: Not a good week for reading unfortunately :(

Listening: Can’t get “Black Magic” by Little Mix out of my head!

Candy Corn Blondies

Every since my disaster making candy corn cookies last year, I was determined to figure out a new recipe. I decided to use this blondie recipe and add candy corn instead of m&m’s.

While these look great, I quickly learned when I brought them to work that they weren’t finished :( The recipe called for an 8×8 pan, but I think I should’ve gone a little bigger. The sides were baked (almost over baked), but the middle was still practically batter.

As you can see from the pan above, I put a bunch of candy corn on top of the batter. Where the heck did they go? Sadly, I will have to look for another way to bake with candy corn. Although, the uncooked blondies were pretty good, but they were really hard to cut!

Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_6049Pretty views from Fryman Canyon

1. This Goofy Movie in Real Life video made my weekend

2.  A great one pan autumn dinner to try!

3. Some good Inspirational TED Talks for a Rough Day

4. I definitely read most of these: Books Every 90’s Kid Will Recognize

5. Great female solo travel inspiration – thinking of doing Iceland sometime soon

Watching: Excited to see Natalie Portman in The Professional which was finally on Netflix

Reading: Almost done with Brutal Youth and excited to start The Kitchen House for my new book club!

Listening: Can’t get Drake’s Hotline Bling out of my head!

Apple Cider Donut Muffins

These Apple Cider Donut Muffins have been on my radar for a while. I was so excited to finally try them during my favorite time of year!


The recipe was really simple, just mix the ingredients together and spoon into the muffin pan..done! The only thing was I didn’t end up having nutmeg, so I made them without it. They were still good!



After baking, you then roll the muffins in melted butter and cinnamon sugar?!! This made them super scrumptious. I loved how this recipe yielded about 10 muffins, the perfect size. My co-worked said these were winners :)


Banana Chocolate Chip Baked Donuts

When I came across this Banana Chocolate Chip Baked Donuts recipe, I knew I had to make it happen. I even bought a donut pan just for this occasion!

IMG_5945These tasted just like banana bread with chocolate chips in them. Yummm. They were super simple to make and I loved how the recipe told me how to make a homemade piping bag to pour the batter. Though, I felt like the sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top was unnecessary.



These are best eaten right from the oven when the chocolate chips were nice and gooey. I’d highly recommend them!


Also, if you want more healthy donut recipes, check out these here!