Monthly Archive: February 2016

Weekly Pins & Tweets


IMG_7628Exciting day attending the Publicists Guild Awards

1. Interesting perspectives from different ages of millenials

2. Where to check out the best piano bars in Los Angeles

3.  Some day I will make these Soft Pretzel Bites

4. An ode to Chris Pratt

5.  These Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars look delicious!

Watching: Finished watching Love on Netflix this week. It was a relatively easy watch with some complicated characters.

Reading: Currently listening to Heads in Beds via Audible. I’m not sure what drew me to this book, but it’s an interesting read!

Listening: One Direction’s “Perfect” — For some reason, this one is stuck in my head!

Meltaway Cookies

I finally had some time to bake this weekend! I decided to give these Meltaway Cookies a whirl for my book club meeting on Sunday. These were so so good and a great return to form for me.


This recipe was simple enough, just mix the liquid and dry ingredients separately, then mix together. You then form the dough around a meltaway chocolate and roll in cinnamon sugar. It might seem like a lot of flavors, but it wasn’t. They were great just out of the oven when the chocolate was gooey inside.

IMG_7606A close-up of the goodness

These were a hit and I would definitely make them again. In fact, they seemed like a variation on the Peanut Butter Snickerdoodles I made last year that were so so good as well.

Weekly Pins & Tweets

Visiting the Bradbury Building in DTLA

1. Interesting read about Charles Schwab’s interview strategy

2. I want to pet a baby hippo at the LA Zoo!

3. An essential guide to LA donut shops!

4. Some great Snapchat tips from teenagers

5.  Great guide to places to eat in my neighborhood

Watching: Just watched The Hunting Ground this weekend and was definitely affected by it. Everyone needs to see this film! It’s ridiculous that victims aren’t getting justice.

Reading: Just finished listening to Shonda Rhimes’s book, Year of Yes, which was a great inspiring read

Listening: All the songs from Deadpool — especially love the fight scene with “Inspiration” from Chicago


It’s been a little crazy (but fun!) lately and I haven’t had time to update (or bake!) recently. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to.

IMG_7526Crazy looking plane ride to SLC (looks like Mars!)

IMG_7548Experiencing my first Sundance

IMG_7534Not gonna lie, it was cold!

IMG_7566Pretty sunset hikes are always fun

IMG_7571Celebrating my 1 year work anniversary

IMG_7592Pretty day on the slopes

IMG_7589Seeing this little one!

IMG_7601Meeting up with old Contiki friends!