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Podcasts I’m Currently Listening To

A few years ago, I thought podcasts were only meant for nerdy men. The IT guy at my college job would walk around with his iPod headphones in saying he was listening to them. I actually have the podcast app in my phone in the “Random Apps” folder. Now, it’s like every celebrity and personality has a podcast. I decided to give them a try after my current audio book was a bust. Luckily, podcasts are no longer just for IT guys, there are so many different programs to appeal to different demographics. Plus, they are free! Here’s a snapshot of what I’m currently listening to:

podcasts collage

Modern Love – I was obsessed with NY Time’s Modern Love column when I was in college. I even read the book! Now, they have a weekly podcast where different personalities read the essays. Then, they have the writers of the essays on to discuss what has happened since they first published. Many of the essays are emotional or though provoking; I’ve found myself almost in tears a few times. I also like how the episodes are all around 20 mins, perfect for my morning commute.

Ladies Who Lunch – I never was much of an Ingrid Nilsen fan, but I’m loving her new podcast. Her and friend Cat Valdes discuss topics such as sex, relationships, social problems, and politics. It’s extremely insightful and smart. I personally enjoy hearing from a feminist perspective and Ingrid keeps it light and fun!

#Girlboss Radio – If you are a fan of Sophia Amoruso’s book #Girlboss, then you will love this podcast. Each episode, Sophia brings in other girlbosses to hear their advice and lessons they’ve learned along the way. I love hearing about how successful women got to where they are today. My only critique is that she has a friend she brings in for the first half of the episode — just skip past that part!

How Did This Get Made? – Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael watch bad movies and comment on it in this podcast. The sad thing is that they have episodes on movies I loved as a child: Kazaam, Spice World, TMNT2: Secret of the Ooze, Crossroads, Teen Witch. I guess that’s what makes it so fun, hearing these comedians break down these ridiculously bad movies. It’s definitely worth it for a few good laughs during your commute!

Uninterrupted – Women’s Health was sick of people telling them they shouldn’t be involved in women’s social issues — so they created their own podcast about it. Caitlin Abber brings in various guests each week to discuss issues that matter most to women. I enjoy how it’s not just a big celebrity each week and I always end up learning something new!

Ctrl Alt Delete – Blogger Emma Gannon brings in guests each week to discuss the internet and how social media has changed our lives. I just love Emma’s personality and insight. Plus, some of her first guests included Elizabeth Gilbert, Rowan Blanchard, and Cheryl Strayed which is an awesome line-up.

PS — if you are clueless about podcasts like I was, just open the podcast app on your iPhone and start browsing. You can subscribe, listen, and download episodes right away. I recommend waiting until you are on wifi to download, so it doesn’t eat your data!


Weekly Reading

Some yummy easy lo mein!

1. A new Air Bnb-like site for filming locations – started by my friend BLT!

2. LOVED this cute segment with Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis on Ellen

3. I’m obsessed with this Money Diaries series on Refinery29

4. LOVED seeing all the looks at the Met Gala – including Claire Dane’s light up gown!

5. Two college students who fell in love over Snapchat — one of the best articles I read this week!

Watching: I know I’m late to the game, but finally started watching Veep!

Reading: “I Knew You’d Be Lovely” by Alethea Black – I randomly bought this one on Amazon and am really enjoying the stories

Listening: Lots of podcasts — post coming this week!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I was craving some simple cookies this weekend and wanted to make something with ingredients I already had. I decide to make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies minus the truffle in the middle. I’ve had enough of cookies with nutella, peanut butter, etc. in the middle They are wayy too messy to make and sometimes are too rich to eat. These simple chocolate peanut butter cookies satisfied my late night sweet tooth just right :)


The recipe was really simple by cookie standards, though I didn’t feel like adding melting chocolate really did anything for the flavor. These are definitely more on the chocolate end than peanut butter. I had some hershey’s kisses on hand too, I think it would’ve been fun to add those to the top, or maybe some peanut butter cups to add some flavor!

IMG_7841My pans looks so much prettier with parchment paper :)

Visiting The Broad Museum

One of the hottest tickets in Los Angeles right now is for The Broad, a new contemporary art museum in downtown. Though it is free, reservations are often sold out for months. Luckily, I had a friend with some extra tickets and was able to check it out this weekend.

If you have reserved tickets, you arrive within 30 mins of your allotted time and walk right in. Otherwise, there is a stand-by line which I hear is a 30-60 min wait. One of the biggest attractions is the Infinity Room which was a 6 hour wait when I was there. You enter in your phone number and the app will text you when it is your turn. We were long gone by our appointment time, haha.


All of the art is from Eli and Edye Broad’s private collection and they made the museum free to make art available to the masses. The size of some of the installations are quite impressive, they even have some Andy Warhol pieces which I was excited to see. There are 2 floors to the museum, so don’t plan to spend more than a couple of hours exploring. Photography is ok and almost encouraged (no flash) which is rare for a museum. They even had their own Snapchat filter!

Loved this Jeff Koons piece

Overall, I think The Broad is definitely worth checking out for its impressive collection of modern art, especially if you can get tickets and see it for free! Just don’t bring a drink into the museum, you might get yelled at like I did :)



Weekly Pins & Tweets

Loved hanging out with my niece this past weekend

1. Fully agree with this: An Open Letter to Contiki