Monthly Archive: August 2016

Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce

I had a large amount of cherry tomatoes left over from making goodies for my book club last week. With some pasta on-hand as well, I decided to find a meal option where I could combine the two. I came across this recipe on Epicurious: Pasta with 15-min Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce and decided to give it a whirl.


The recipe was really simple — make the pasta as directed, then heat the tomatoes in oil until they burst. The overall result was really delicious and the sauce coated the noodles perfectly. The only critique I have is that the sauce was a little oily for me, especially when I ate this for leftovers. Also, all those bursting cherries made a mess all over my kitchen. It took awhile to clean the oil off my counters and floor. Next time, I will use a cover for my skillet!

IMG_8291Some of the aftermath

Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese


I’ve been looking for a way to use up the spare whole wheat macaroni I had in my pantry. My mom had passed it along to me since she didn’t like it. I’m definitely more of a shell or penne girl myself. Luckily, I had this Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese recipe pinned from awhile back. This was the perfect chance to try it out!

I really enjoyed the technique of straining the pasta over the spinach, allowing it to wilt. Less dishes to wash is always better for me! With wheat noodles and Greek yogurt instead of a creamy sauce — this makes for a healthier dish! I’m sure it would work with other vegetables added as well. I recommend adding another cup of spinach, two didn’t seem like enough to distribute evenly.

The only criticism I have is that the onion and garlic powder was too much for me. I don’t think I would add it next time. This dish is also great for leftovers, it lasted 3 meals for me and tasted great 3 days later!

Weekly Reading

IMG_8271The beginning of early morning triathlon workouts!

1. Some great career tips from Buzzfeed

2. This banana caramel smoothie looks delicious

3. A list of the best tater tots in LA

4. Why you should live with no regrets

5. A funny article about cargo shorts

Watching: Finally paid for Hulu and checking out Community — Almost done with season one and enjoying it!

Reading: Eleanor & Park — Not sure I enjoyed it as much as others, but it was an easy read. YA books aren’t what they used to be for me.

Listening: “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace — this has been stuck in my head since seeing Suicide Squad