Monthly Archive: September 2016

Long Weekend in Iceland

Recently, I feel like more and more people were going to Iceland. I had a layover there last year and just knew I wanted to go back. I saw there were cheap direct flights with WOW Air and decided to take a chance with a solo trip for Labor Day. I had such a good time!

IMG_8405View of Reykjavik

Though Iceland is expensive, their tourism is booming and so convenient for travelers. Upon arrival, I took a shuttle to The Blue Lagoon, which then took me to my guest house later. So convenient! Since my flight got in around 4am, it was nice to get a chance to relax in the geothermal pools. I even got a massage while floating in the water which was bliss!

IMG_8358The Blue Lagoon in the morning

After getting a shuttle to my Airbnb, I decided to do my own little tour of downtown Reyjavik. I tried an Icelandic hot dog, stopped by a local bakery, checked out the Tjornin Lake, and took in the view from the top of the Lutheran church.

IMG_8386The Icelandic Hot Dog, love the sweet mustard!

IMG_8413Pretty view of the lake

IMG_8412Pretty scenery of downtown

IMG_8384My cozy Airbnb room

After a long day, I decided to take an early night in my cozy room. The next morning, I got up early for my Golden Circle Tour with GeoIceland. It’s called the Golden Circle because of the golden grass that lines the route.

IMG_8428Crazy geyser that made me jump whenever it erupted

IMG_8422I really love this photo

IMG_8444Pretty rainbows and waterfalls

IMG_8467The countryside was beautiful

After the tour, I had myself a nice dinner (delicious lamb!) and participated in a pub crawl that night to meet other travelers. They even have a popular place called “American Bar” that turns into a club at night. I slept in the next morning and rested up for my horseback riding tour that afternoon.

IMG_8482Cloudy day horseback riding through the lava fields

IMG_8495Me with my horse Mani

IMG_8509Yummy sushi meal I treated myself to that night

With just a half day left, I decided to check out the free walking tour of the city to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I didn’t hurt that the tour guide was very attractive. I also got one last hot dog, because Iceland :)

IMG_8518Pretty view of the Lutheran church

Overall, I loved Iceland! I was afraid that going solo was going to be lonely, but I had such a good time traveling at my own pace. Plus, the weather as beautiful and not too cold.  I only wish I had one more day to head south and do a glacier hike. Maybe on my next layover!