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Pumpkin Nutella Muffins

I randomly came across this recipe and knew I had to try it for the fall season. These Pumpkin Nutella Muffins were super simple to make and disappeared quickly when I brought them to the office. Definitely a winner!


To make these, I simply mixed together the wet and dry ingredients and spooned the batter into a muffin pan. I then put a dollop of nutella in each one and swirled with a knife. I need to be more generous with the nutella next time. When eating these, I definitely wanted more!


Overall, these were delicious and are sure to be a staple to make every fall season!


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Pumpkin and Brussels Sprout Gnocchi

So I got ambitious with all the fall festivities and decided to try this Pumpkin and Brussels Sprout Gnocchi. While this was a fun dish to try for the fall, it didn’t turn out exactly how I thought.

I really enjoyed the pumpkin flavors along with the gnocchi and seeds. I got the packaged brussels sprouts from Trader Joe’s which I cut up and simmered. I recommend getting the tray brussels sprouts which you can steam ahead of time. I felt like not all of mine were fully sauteed, but the onions ended up burning for some reason. Also, I need to remember not to add the red pepper flakes. This ended up being way too hot for me. When I reheated, it wasn’t too bad, but the first tasting was definitely spicy.

Additionally, with all the ingredients and time involved, was this truly worth it? I ended up spending around $20 to get all the ingredients, so it wasn’t a budget conscious meal (pumpkin seeds alone cost $6). I was able to get 2+ meals from it, so technically, it had some legs. Though, my apartment still smells of the onions and brussels sprouts. While this was an ambitious fall meal, it’s not something I would make on a regular basis.

Apple Spice Muffins

With fall being the season for all things apple and spice, I decided to take advantage of an easy recipe I saw on Pinterest. I mean, just spice cake mix + applesauce, you can’t go wrong!


These muffins were super easy, I just mixed the ingredients and popped into a greased muffin pan. They were very moist and were still good a few days later. Also, I loved how it made a dozen muffins, not too many to deal with overall.


The only downside was that it was hard to spoon the batter into the pan, so I cut a ziploc bag to pipe it in. Otherwise, these were delicious and I’d definitely make them again!


Butterscotch Cookies


I made the mistake of buying another bag of butterscotch chips when I already had some in the pantry. So, what could I do with all these extra chips? I quick search on Pinterest and I found an awesome recipe for butterscotch cookies! I love cooking with pudding mixes, the cookies always turn out so soft. These were no different. My whole kitchen smelled like butterscotch and these were so soft and delicious.


Myself and my co-workers devoured these and I can’t wait to make them again. Luckily I still have more butterscotch chips and pudding to make these again soon!

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