Browned Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles

This recipe was a mouthful! I had some extra caramel bits, so I decided to use them up by making these cookies.


By not using caramel squares, the shape is a little different than the original photos. I’m always nervous to do the browned butter, but luckily didn’t burn it this time. I realized that I forgot to cool it before mixing it in, but it didn’t affect anything. Also, I didn’t have greek yogurt, so I used almond milk and it turned out fine. Besides the caramels and browned butter, I found that these were just regular snickerdoodles.


Also, the thing I don’t like about cooking with caramels is that after the cookies cool, it gets really hard. I found myself picking the bits out of my teeth later on. These cookies were definitely delicious, but I’d be curious if they were any good with caramel squares instead. Otherwise, I might just cancel out all the extra work and make regular snickerdoodles next time!