DineLA with Connie & Ted’s

So I’m definitely a person with lots of list. One of the lists in my phone is a restaurant list. There’s so many places in LA to try, I want to make sure not to forget them all. Connie & Ted’s has been on my list for a very long time. In fact, I think it was one of the first restaurants on my list. I was so excited when two of my sorority sisters wanted to try it for DineLA week. If you haven’t heard of it, DineLA is twice a year when restaurants offer a special rate to try their place. It’s perfect for someone like me that is on a budget, yet wants to try all the delicious food that LA has to offer.

Connie & Ted’s is a West Hollywood seafood restaurant offering east coast fare. Normally, restaurants in LA are super small due to the lack of space we have, but Connie & Ted’s is a large eatery with a parking lot located off of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights. It almost looks like a diner similar to Denny’s from the outside.

Inside, though its guests might be dressed upscale, it feels like you are at a seaside eatery on the east coast. It’s picnic style seating reminded me of somewhere like Neptune’s Net in Malibu.

For the DineLA menu, we were given a choice for a starter, a main entree and dessert. I decided to go with the Grilled Calamari, famous Lobster Roll, and end with the Blondie!


I’m not a huge fan of calamari, but since I was at a trendy seafood restaurant, I decided to give it a shot! It was a little spicy, but the breaded pieces were my favorite. I really don’t enjoy getting those little octopus looking guys, so I didn’t eat them. I though the amount of food in this appetizer was good value!


For my main entree, I had to try the lobster roll. Everyone on Yelp was raving about it. I ate it so fast! The fries were very crisp and fresh. I didn’t even finish them all! Connie & Ted’s definitely didn’t skimp on the food for this one!


Lastly, the blondie. I’ve been having dreams about this since I saw photos on Yelp. I saved room especially for this! The salted caramel was so delicious, I can’t say enough good things about it.

Overall, I thought Connie & Ted’s was a very good value for DineLA. When I visit again, I think I would be fine with just the lobster roll and maybe sharing the blondie with a friend. The DineLA menu was great value, but I don’t need that much food normally! Hoping to eat the lobster roll again sometime soon!

Good Eats at Cascabel

I was super excited when I first heard that Cascabel was coming to Toluca Lake. I feel like the Burbank/Toluca Lake area never gets many trendy restaurants. I knew that I had to try this place ASAP. The cuisine is a unique spin on Latin flavors by former Top Chef contestant Alex Eusebio. Myself and my friend stopped by on a Friday night for some drinks and tapas, which definitely didn’t disappoint.


We started off with the smoked bacon guacamole which is amazing. I think anything with bacon has to be good. Who would’ve thought to put it in guacamole? The chips were also noteworthy, I believe they were almost pita chips, definitely homemade. For drinks I got “The Mule” while my friend got a spicy drink called “Fuego Verde.” Both drinks were equally satisfying.














We started off with some recommendations from Yelp by getting the Hanger Steak Tacos and the Brussel Sprouts. I can’t recommend both enough, the steak was so juicy and the brussels sprouts were full of flavor. My only complaint was our order of the Hamachi Tiradito. The order was very small and I felt that the portion didn’t validate the price. Otherwise, it was very good as was all the food!


We had another friend join us later, so we ordered the Roasted Cauliflower, which had a unique flavor due to the cinnamon salt. Overall, I loved Cascabel and will definitely be back. I already want to go again this week for drinks and guacamole!


Late Night at the Tipsy Cow

After watching an 8:00pm showing of Mockingjay: Part I, my roommate and I decided to try some late night snacks at The Tipsy Cow in Sherman Oaks! I came across this spot on an urban hike webpage and have been wanting to try their boozy milkshakes.




On first glance, the place had a gastropub-like feel with options to sit at a bar, tables, or patio. The decor was butcher-themed with cleavers decorating the walls and the menu on a chalkboard. The place was fairly crowded, but luckily we were able to get a table at walk up.


Since it was around 11:00pm,we wanted to get some small bites. The server recommended the “Blue Cheese Tots” wrapped with bacon. Not being a big blue cheese fan, I was concerned with the taste, but it was very subtle since the cheese was melted in. The bacon was perfectly crisp and the tots were huge! These definitely did not disappoint.


Next, it was recommended that the “Shortrib Poutine” was a favorite. It consisted of short ribs and white cheddar cheese curds on haystack fries. Though I love shortribs and fries, there was a jalapeno type sauce on there as well which was wayy too spicy for me. I would recommend these for someone with a higher tolerance for spice.


And lastly, myself and my roommate both got milkshakes. I tried the “Good Talk Russ” which came with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, bananas, marshmallow fluff, and cookie crumbles on the top. They give you the option to make any shake tipsy, which I did! I will definitely be back for more of these. I posted the above picture on my instagram and got some comments from friends who want to go for another round as well :)

I definitely think The Tipsy Cow is a great place to get some late night bites or a round of boozy milkshakes with friends. I feel that Los Angeles has so many bars, but not enough unique spots like this one with their alcoholic milkshakes. I highly recommend it for some late night eats or just a fun dessert with friends. I hear their burgers are great too, so I definitely want to come back and try those sometime as well!