Current Obsession: Poshmark

We all have those clothes we buy and never wear, or only wear once or twice. I previously would try selling to Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads, but, when the economy tanked, everyone else had the same idea, so they would barely take any items. Last year, I started taking everything to Goodwill to donate. Sometimes, when I had something that was really good quality, I would sale on eBay. Though, I found eBay to be such a hassle with all the steps needed to sale and then shipping the items on your own. One day, my sister told me about Poshmark, and my life was changed :)


The way I describe it to others is “eBay for girls.” Basically, you list all your clothes on the app and others can buy them. You name your price and people can make you offers. To sell an item, you simply click “sell,” take a few pics with your phone and you’re done! When an item is sold, Poshmark sends you a pre-paid shipping label (all shipping is $4.99 priority USPS paid by the buyer). It’s so easy, you just add the label and drop the item in the mail!


The thing that I like about Poshmark, and what might deter some people, is that it also acts as a social network. By participating socially, your items are more likely to be seen and sold. You can follow people and get others to follow you back. There are parties daily that you can share your items to. Say you have some Michael Kors shoes for sale and there’s a Michael Kors party, sharing your shoes to the party will help get the right eyeballs on your item. Whenever I have some free time daily, I’ll quickly browse through Poshmark and follow a bunch of people or share my items to parties. Also, I try to share other people’s items so they’ll share mine (Poshmark courtesy).


The only negative thing is that the more I browse, the more I find items I want! When you sell, you can either use your money to buy more items on Poshmark or deposit into your bank account. I’ve been able to purchase some great items from some of my favorite brands like Banana Republic, Loft, and Old Navy. Additionally negative, Poshers can be cheap, so you definitely need to be strategic about pricing. I will usually start an item on the higher end and slowly bring it down to encourage a sale. Sometimes others will low ball you, but make sure to stand your ground!


Overall, I’ve had nothing but great experiences on Poshmark. I always try to put a little note in my boxes thanking the posher for buying. It’s nice to know that an item you only wore once or twice will be loved by someone else :)