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Some things that are inspiring me this week…

IMG_3455Some acrobats I saw at Runyon Canyon this weekend

1. A piece on how the cast members of Christmas Vacation have fared

2. 16 reasons why travel is good for you

3. You should never marry a girl until you travel with her

4. I’m going to make these Funfetti Cookies this week

5. Some Joan Didion quotes in honor of her birthday

Watching: Wild – I loved the book and was super excited about the film. Reese Witherspoon does an amazing job as the main character.

Reading: Captivated by You – I loved the first three Crossfire books, but the fourth sadly is not as strong.

Listening: “Hero” by Family of the Year – Boyhood keeps getting more and more awards recognition — I love this song from the soundtrack.

Tomorrow’s Lunch: Spicy Thai Noodles

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more pro-active about bring my lunch to work. Not only does it save me money by not having to buy from our commissary or eat out, but I get to try some new recipes while I’m at it. This week, I decided to try a Spicy Thai Noodles Recipe that I pinned awhile back. The description said it was the “Best Pinterest recipe I’ve tried so far!”


These noodles did not disappoint! They tasted restaurant quality and reminded me of the meals I had in Asia. A few modifications, I only added a few pinches of the crushed red pepper (I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy) and I added some frozen vegetables, it’s easier for me than cutting up all the toppings it listed (I don’t have a food processor either).

To save time, I prepared the sauce while the noodles were boiling. It doesn’t specify in the recipe, but I recommend not adding the soy sauce and honey directly to the oil. I started adding it and it steamed and crackled. So, whisk the honey and soy sauce separately, then add in the oil. I didn’t have the tools to sift out the crushed red pepper flakes, so that might have been the issue as well.

I can’t wait to eat this for my lunch tomorrow! The recipe made a large batch, so I will be able to knock out a few meals with this one. While the blogger recommends eating them cold, I will probably heat them up. I definitely recommend this one!



How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I went to Florida to visit my sister and see her new baby. It was great because my parents were there with the dogs as well. It was a nice to get out of Los Angeles for a few days and just relax.

Some of my favorite moments…

IMG_3382Braving the holiday airport craziness for the first time

IMG_3389Traditional family dishes set at the Thanksgiving table

IMG_3418Holding my new niece Amelia

IMG_3399Cuddling with these two all weekend

IMG_3406Playing with this one the whole time

Wow! I can’t believe November is over and tomorrow is already December. Only a few more weeks until my South America trip and the new year. Time is flying by!

Weekly Pins & Tweets

Some things that are inspiring me this week…

IMG_3375 (1)Impressive spread for our book club meeting

1. Makes me want to go back to Paris

2. I can’t stop watching the trailer for Cinderella 

3. A guide to eating at LAX 

4. Funny suggestions from Netflix

5. I MUST make some pretzel chocolate chip cookies

6. Beauty travel essentials

Watching: Snowpiercer – I’m so excited it’s finally on Netflix. I’ve heard such great things and it doesn’t disappoint. Tilda Swinton is great.

Reading: Not That Kind of Girl – My book club read for November. It was my first Kindle buy, definitely a funny, fast read.

Listening: Blank Space by Taylor Swift – Need I say more? I have this on repeat in my car and it’s played in my SoulCycle class. The music video she released is amazing.

Late Night at the Tipsy Cow

After watching an 8:00pm showing of Mockingjay: Part I, my roommate and I decided to try some late night snacks at The Tipsy Cow in Sherman Oaks! I came across this spot on an urban hike webpage and have been wanting to try their boozy milkshakes.




On first glance, the place had a gastropub-like feel with options to sit at a bar, tables, or patio. The decor was butcher-themed with cleavers decorating the walls and the menu on a chalkboard. The place was fairly crowded, but luckily we were able to get a table at walk up.


Since it was around 11:00pm,we wanted to get some small bites. The server recommended the “Blue Cheese Tots” wrapped with bacon. Not being a big blue cheese fan, I was concerned with the taste, but it was very subtle since the cheese was melted in. The bacon was perfectly crisp and the tots were huge! These definitely did not disappoint.


Next, it was recommended that the “Shortrib Poutine” was a favorite. It consisted of short ribs and white cheddar cheese curds on haystack fries. Though I love shortribs and fries, there was a jalapeno type sauce on there as well which was wayy too spicy for me. I would recommend these for someone with a higher tolerance for spice.


And lastly, myself and my roommate both got milkshakes. I tried the “Good Talk Russ” which came with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, bananas, marshmallow fluff, and cookie crumbles on the top. They give you the option to make any shake tipsy, which I did! I will definitely be back for more of these. I posted the above picture on my instagram and got some comments from friends who want to go for another round as well :)

I definitely think The Tipsy Cow is a great place to get some late night bites or a round of boozy milkshakes with friends. I feel that Los Angeles has so many bars, but not enough unique spots like this one with their alcoholic milkshakes. I highly recommend it for some late night eats or just a fun dessert with friends. I hear their burgers are great too, so I definitely want to come back and try those sometime as well!


Sunday at The Brentwood Country Mart

While most people know that Los Angeles is a big city, many don’t realize that there are dozens of different neighborhoods with their own flavor and ambience. Living here for almost three years now, I still feel like there’s so much to explore. Angelenos are famous for staying in their own neighbors and rarely venturing out, something that I’ve never strived for! This weekend, one of my past colleagues had a book signing in Brentwood, so I leaped at the chance to check out a different part of town I’ve never been to.

IMG_3364Beautiful Sunset in Brentwood

The book signing was nestled at a store within The Brentwood Country Mart, a cute cluster of shops located off of San Vicente and 26th in Brentwood. There were a lot of people within the shopping area, but the street was relatively quiet. It was a nice escape from the busy city life. I get so excited when I find a cute quiet gem within LA.

IMG_3363My Salted Caramel Ice Cream!

My favorite takeaway from the Brentwood Country Mart was finally getting to try Sweet Rose Creamery, an LA staple that’s been on my food bucket list. Their salted caramel ice cream was divine. They had a little patio with heat lamps where I sat reading a magazine and enjoying my ice cream. Bliss!

IMG_3362 (1)Hilary signing my book!

It was so great seeing one of my past colleagues, Hilary, at her book signing. As someone who hopes to publish a book someday, it’s really admirable to know someone who made it happen. Be sure to check out The Kitchen Decoded, in stores now!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend The Brentwood Country Mart for a nice afternoon away from the hustle of the city life. There are cute boutiques and farm to table restaurants that smelled amazing. I definitely want to come back to try the food and, of course, have some more ice cream!

IMG_3365-EFFECTS (1)The serene, quiet street

Why Hello…

Fancy seeing you here!


A beautiful sunset from one of my favorite LA hikes at Runyon Canyon

After many years of reading and loving lifestyle blogs, I decided to start my own! I hope to share of a glimpse of a 20-something year-old’s life in Los Angeles as well as the many things that inspire me daily. I can’t wait to get started!

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