Peru Uncovered with Contiki

I know it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve given an update on this blog! Earlier this year, I decided to take some time off from my career to spend 6 months traveling. This trip began with the 2 week Peru Uncovered tour with Contiki. I honestly didn’t know much about Peru besides Machu Picchu. When I took my Brazil & Argentina trip, the group was continuing on to Peru and I was so jealous! I knew I had to come back and tour Peru. I remember my tour guide, Flor, told me there was so much to see in Peru, so I decided to do the whole 2 week trip in the country.

The tour started in Lima for a night, then we flew to the Arequipa region where we took a bus around the region seeing sights like Colca Canyon. Then we went to Puno where we spent the day on Lake Titicaca before making our way to Cusco for a few nights. From there, we spent a day in Ollantaytambo and took the train to Aguas Calientes where we got ready to see Machu Picchu the next morning. Then we went back to Cusco for a night and took a flight to Puerto Maldonado (the jungle) where we stayed in a jungle lodge before going home. This was a modular trip, so some people joined at Lima and stayed for the whole thing, some joined at Cusco, and some left before we went to Puerto Maldonado.

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Here are some of my highlights:

The beautiful Plaza Mayor in Lima

Loved seeing the paragliding on the Lima coast

IMG_9683I was lucky to get Flor again as my tour manager! Here we are in Arequipa

IMG_9666One of the many great meals we had – Ceviche!

IMG_9673Some funny ad with llamas
IMG_9656The Queso Helado was delicious – They hand churn it and it looks like cheese afterwards

IMG_9680Beautiful grounds at our hotel in Arequipa 

IMG_9723We made a stop for some coca tea and they had lambs we could snuggle with

IMG_9780One of my favorite photos — this llama’s face cracks me up!

IMG_9749The tallest point we visited – over 19,000 feet! I was not feeling well haha

IMG_9766The volcano view from our hotel

IMG_9824The little alpaca I met named Blanca

IMG_9842Our fun group! One of the best I’ve traveled with!

IMG_9831One of the many beautiful stops – it was cold and I think I was a little sick from the altitude still

IMG_9893Beautiful lunch on Lake Titicaca

IMG_9917I got to play soccer with the locals

IMG_9867We visited this island made from reeds and these ladies welcomed us with open arms!

IMG_9948The group at ancient ruins in Raqchi 

IMG_0067Beautiful view in Ollantytambo

IMG_0061Trying one of the local foods – Guinea Pig!

IMG_0101Foggy morning view at Machu Picchu

IMG_9986Beautiful view of Cusco

IMG_0209View from our jungle lodge – One wall was open!

IMG_0604Last views of the jungle!

This was definitely one of the more off-the-beaten-path tours that I’ve done with Contiki. We were nearing Peru’s winter, so it was a little colder than I was used to. Also, the altitude took some adjusting to — one person on our trip had to go to the hospital because of it. I didn’t end up doing the day trek on the Inca Trail to save some money, but I’d definitely encourage anyone else taking the trip to do it. Peru ended up being a very affordable country and I only spent about half of my budget.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Peru and the 2 week tour with Contiki. I was very surprised with how much the country had to offer and how safe I felt. I can’t wait to explore more countries in South America now!

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  1. Nicole Youell

    Hi there! I’ve been doing some research on this tour, and was wondering if you could tell me how much you budgeted for spending and how much you actually spent? Also, would love to know how you dealt with the altitude sickness.


    1. LindsayNK9 (Post author)

      Hi Nicole! I believe I spent around $300 in expenses during the trip. It was actually a very affordable country! For the altitude sickness, I didn’t have too much trouble since we gradually went to higher altitudes. They recommend chewing coca leaves or having coca tea to help. Some people brought pills with them but I didn’t.

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