Weekly Pins & Tweets

IMG_5345Happy Father’s Day!

1. If you haven’t watch Jon Stewart’s monologue about the Charleston shooting, definitely have a watch. Very thought provoking!

2. Interesting perspective: No, I Do Not Need My Husband’s Permission to Travel

3. Some good reads from TED speakers and attendees

4. Cool list of normal people who date celebrities

5. If you need a laugh — watch Arnold pranking people as The Terminator

Watching: Still watching House of Cards and almost done with season 2. Debating whether or not to continue to season 3…

Reading: Yup, still reading this one. Haven’t had much time for reading as of lately!

Listening: Literally just finished listening to Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, in the end, I felt like Jenny was just a unique person trying to fit in modern society, and hilariously failing at it. Definitely a funny listen. Though I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like hearing about dead animals!